Friday, August 27, 2010

Kira's 4th Birthday!

My little Kira Bug just turned the big 4 on August 11th. Seriously, when did she get so big? It seems like the time has just flown by. Kira was beyond excited because she didn't want to be 3 years old anymore, and she just wants to be "bigger."

For her birthday, she got to pick out her very own cake all by herself.... and Kira is a huge Elmo fan. So, that is exactly what she picked out!

As you can tell, she just LOVED her cake. She couldn't wait to start eating it! She was very super excited about her presents as well. She is really into Toy Story and kitchen stuff, so.... that is what she got! Plus she got a Cinderella doll (which I just absolutely loved) and even a few cute little shirts.

As you can see, she got quite a bit of wonderful things. I think out of all of them, she loved her Toy Story 3 laptop the most. It is helping her recognize her numbers and letters. Plus, it has "Buzz on it Mommy!" So it was a total hit.

And a fun picture of Natalie and Kira for good measure:

And of course, my baby Nico at her big sisters birthday!

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